On the road and eating with our Chinese family

We're in a suburb of  Philadelphia, on an eight-day road trip to see close friends, surrogates kids and grandkids, and, eventually,  our biologic kids and grandson. As predicted, at this first stop, with our former Chinese graduate student, Ye, her husband and their twins, my diet hit a snag. Today was the second birthday party for the boys and there was enough food to "feed an army"... or maybe even an empire.

I watched Ye's husband, Donghui, cook late last evening and even got to help a little. When he handed me my own pair of chopsticks and later took one of my minor suggestions, I was very pleased. He was making a dish called "Hundred Pages," which starts with beef stomach. Now in response to the squeamish among you, this was probably my favorite dish served today. But that's not the point.

Donghui started with a little olive oil in a pan, ground two kinds of fresh pepper (neither was our typical black pepper), and made the entire dish from scratch.  Most of the other dishes including "Five-Flavor Beef," were also made from basic ingredients; that one had lots of different spices.

The exception was the birthday cake, but I noticed Ye coming by and scaping the topping off the portions the twins got to eat. The adults, of course, were on their own. Frosting or not, it was your own choice.

There was beef and pork and also fish, but a whole lot of vegetables. It was basically a young crowd, except for a scattering of grandparents and I did see a bowl of chips. On the other hand it was entirely possible to eat most of the dishes and still have a healthy meal. All home cooked (except for the cake which came from Costco) and all delicious.

Even the beef stomach.

Now I think it's time to take a walk or get on Ye and Donghui's elliptical to burn off some of the calories.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful meal and a great trip, Peter. I wish you and your wife great fun and safe travels.

  2. Troy Yvon says:

    awesome posting more on health pls!!!

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