Pre-eat and pre-diet

Okay, we're finally about to go see the kids out east. We'll make four stops in eight days. The first friend has a husband who's a great cook; the second couple both cook, she better than he; the third couple will take us out to dinner and the fourth (a daughter, son-in-law,grandson) also will want to eat out. Before we leave, we have one dinner out planned (It's music night at our favorite Thai restaurant) and a  catered event for our symphony.

Wow! that's a lot of eating coming up in the next few days.

So how do I handle this situation? I start by acknowledging that I'll be eating more than usual in the relatively brief period. I'll go back on my strict diet now and leave here under my goal weight of 151-152. While I'm on the road I'll  be as careful as possible to avoid binges; I'll focus on vegetables and fruit and minimize meats and sweet dishes.

I know I'm likely to come home over my upper limit (three pounds over goal) as I won't get my usual exercise on this trip either.  I can live with that as long as I don't go too far overboard with my eating pattern. When I get home and settled back into place, I'll have return to my more stringent diet until I'm back to goal again, not just until I'm within the three-pound-over-goal range I usually can relax within.

I'll let you know on the far side.

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