Chicken Soup for the Soul - Shaping the New YouBreaking News!Dr. Peter Springberg is a retired Air Force Nephrologist now living in Colorado. In 1997 he invented a diet, actually a lifestyle change, which he has followed since. His basic premise was to lose weight and maintain that weight loss over an extended period of time, you clearly had to eat less and do more. The problem for most people who want to lose significant amounts of weight, is they do neither for very long.

As a serving Air Force officer, especially when he became more senior and commanded first a small hospital and then a mid-sized medical center, Dr. Springberg became very familiar with acronyms; it seemed logical to him to center his new lifestyle/diet plan around some easy-to- remember acronyms. 

Twelve years later he weighs what he did in eighth grade, twenty-six pounds under his usual weight as an Air Force colonel and sixty-seven pounds under his maximum weight from the late 1960s. Among those who have successfully tried his straight-forward method, one lost over seventy pounds and urged him to publish his methods. Reading books and newspapers and looking at Web articles over the past year, he decided it was time to write a book himself. Many of the others he's read are either technical or convoluted, so aren't easy to translate into, "what do I need to do."

Dr. Springberg has finished a draft of a 50,00-word book describing his easy-to-follow plan, starting with his own story and then moving on to how his ideas can be adapted by others. He also has a 90,000-word medically-oriented memoir written.

As of January 2014, he has published over 340 blog posts, translating complex medical concepts into understandable English and suplying links to medical literature for those who wish to read furthers.

Dr. Peter Springberg's inspiring story "Life Changes" appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul - Shaping the New You, which came out in late December 2010! He had a booksigning and reading at the Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins. His short stories have been published on several websites, including a story titled "The Hat Decides" Immigrant Journeys.com.